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Undergraduate teaching plan of basic medical sciences

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1.       Objectives

The overall educational objectives of the undergraduate major in basic medical sciences are for our students to be:

Senior professional researcher in medical field;

Medical educators who are required to develop the education teaching career and the development of modern medical and health services;

Lifelong learners and pursuers of advanced knowledge;

Active leaders in their profession.

2.       Requirements

a)         With good political thought, moral character and patriotic love school feelings;

b)         Mastering basic knowledge of basic medical sciences and related life sciences;

c)         Mastering basic design method and operation technique of the experiment;

d)         Mastering the basic methods of medical literature retrieval, data investigation and the use of computer for information analysis;

e)         Masteingr basic principles and methods of basic medical teaching;

f)          With the basic ability of basic medical science research and certain critical thinking ability;

g)         To be familiar with the basic knowledge of clinical medicine, and understand the new progress and new achievements of clinical medicine;

h)         Mastering English, and having a certain ability to listen, speak, read, write and read professional English books;

i)           Owning solid natural science knowledge and extensive knowledge of humanities and social sciences, and understands the policy of education teaching and health in the country


3.       Courses

Research Design for Basic Medical Sciences

Advance and Challenge in Basic Medical Sciences

Higher Education


Laboratory Animal Science

Introduction to Biomedical Engineering



4.       Schooling years

4-7 years


5.       Graduate minimum total credit

225 scores


6.       Degree

Bachelor of Medicine


7.       Schedule

Under construction