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Undergraduate teaching plan of forensic medicine

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1.      Objectives

The overall educational objectives of the undergraduate major in forensic medicine are for our students to be:

a)         To adapt to the modernization drive and social development;

b)         With good political ideological and moral character;

c)         To master the basic knowledge of basic medical knowledge and systematic forensic medicine;

d)         With Good judgment and analytical ability;

e)         Familiar with judicial appraisal procedure, mastering judicial appraisal skills, and able to work in forensic medicine in public security, government departments and other relevant institutions.


2.      Requirements

a)         Good political thought, moral character and patriotic love school feelings;

b)         Basic theories and basic knowledge of basic medicine, clinical medicine, forensic medicine and jurisprudence;

c)         To grasp the basic techniques of forensic medicine and the logical thinking method of case analysis;

d)         Grasp the basic methods of document retrieval, data investigation and information analysis, and have the basic ability of computer application.

e)         Master a foreign language, with a certain ability of listening, speaking, reading and writing, and reading professional foreign books and periodicals.

f)          Having the ability to independently undertake the forensic examination of forensic examination;

g)         Familiar with the laws of China and the policies and procedures of forensic work;

h)         To understand the application prospect and development trends of forensic medicine;

i)           With preliminary scientific research and practical work and certain critical thinking ability.


3.      Courses

Human anatomy



Internal medicine


Criminal procedure law

Criminal science and technology

Forensic pathology

Forensic toxicology

Forensic science

Forensic genetics

Forensic psychiatry

Forensic toxicology analysis


4.      Schooling years

4-7 years


5.      Graduate minimum total credit

225 scores


6.      Degree

Bachelor of Medicine


7.      Schedule

Under construction