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Platform of forensic science

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According to the General Office of the CPC Central Committee and the General Office of the State Council, the "Opinions on the Implementation of a Sound and Uniform Judicial Expertise Management System" were promulgated in 2017: "To conduct forensic identification of citizens with abnormal deaths, we should make full use of medical colleges and universities, scientific research institutes, medical institutions and other social resources". In December 2017, the "Opinions on Strictly Enforcing Strict Supervision and Improving the Quality and Credibility of Forensic Appraisals" were issued by Ministry of Justice:" Supporting the development of the identification institution by establishment of teaching, scientific research and appraisal in one body based on universities and scientific research institutes. On account of these document, based on the forensic talents and superior sub-disciplines, oriented with the death-related medical research, we intend to build the world first-class death - related medical discipline group.

Professor Yiping Hou (Ten thousand people plan), Professor Lin Zhang (973 chief scientist), Professor Yijiu Chen (State Department allowance), Professor Min Liu (forensic science expert in Ministry of Justice), Professor Zhenhua Deng (forensic science expert in Ministry of Justice) Professor (forensic science experts in Ministry of Justice) and Professor Linchuan Liao (Academic leaders in Sichuan Province) were invited as academic leaders. We plan to complete the updating, transformation and upgrading of the existing teaching and research platform within five years and to create the forefront of the forensic science platform contained forensic molecular genetics, forensic molecular pathology, behavioral and mental diseases, and functional metabolomics research. In 2021, we proposed to build Forensic Science in Sichuan University into a world-class forensic research center and a national-level international standardized forensic identification center.