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Platform of Infection and Immunity

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   Since the 1970s, there is at least one case of the outbreak of the new acute infectious disease every year. The infectious disease has already become a big threat of both public health and development of social economy. With the steady progress of the “Belt and Road” strategy, China has to bear much heavier burden than ever in dealing with the international issue, such as the overseas medical activities and the global health emergencies. To respond the national appeal, based on the profound foundation of the pathogenic biological research, we present the long term programme in establishing the platform of infection and immunity.


   We have a group of academic leaders who have contributed greatly in this field, including Prof. Lang Bao(鲍朗) (the Expert with Great Contributions by The Ministry of Health, Talents of the Talent Project by the Personnel Department), Prof. Ning Huang(黄宁) (the Academic Leader of Sichuan Province), Prof. Jianping Chen(陈建平) (the Expert with Great Contributions of Sichuan Province) and Prof. Mingyuan Li(李明远) (the Academic Leader of Sichuan Province). Researchers of the platform mainly focus on vaccine of tuberculosis, innate immunity and inflammation, new and recurrent infectious diseases and pathogenomics. With the aim of controlling the infectious diseases, developing specific vaccines, clarifying the pathogenesis and seeking for new therapeutic drugs, we will promote the establishment, development and upgrades of our platform with every effort we can make, including building up the provincial key laboratory of infection and immunity and the national standard P3 biosafty laboratory as our first steps.