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Medical Biomechanics Platform

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Medical biomechanics is an interdisciplinary discipline that serves as a bridge among medicine, life science and mechanics. “Stress-growth relationship” is the essence of medical biomechanics. The ultimate goal of medical biomechanics is to achieve the transformation from “healing disease” to “disease prevention and health improvement”, from passive traditional medical model to preventive, predictive and individual systematic biomedical model. To respond to the national strategy of “Health China”, we prepare to build a discipline group associated with medical biomechanics based on the profound accumulation in biomechanical study of our institute.

Professor Liu Xiaoheng (New century’s outstanding talent of the ministry of education, Sichuan academic leader, Sichuan outstanding contribution expert), Li Liang (Academic leader of Health Department of Sichuan Province) and Liu Xiaojing (Director of the cardiovascular disease office of West China Hospital of Sichuan University), who serve as the academic leaders, build three major subjects in tumor biomechanics, cardiovascular biomechanics and bone biomechanics, conducting frontier researches on tumor, cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis and striving to occupy the frontiers of international medical biomechanics. Within 5 years, we plan to:1) finish the renew, transformation and update of the existing teaching and research platform, 2) construct the research platform of cardiovascular biomechanics and bone biomechanics, 3) establish provincial key laboratory and striving for the national key laboratory(institute).