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Department of Immunology

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        The precursor of the Department of Immunology was founded in 1979 by Professor Huijun Wu. In 1992, part of the faculty from the Department of Microbiology joined the department to form the present Department of Immunology. Through continuous contribution made by the previous heads of the department, including Professor MeiYing Cai (head of the department from 1992 to 2002) Professor Chongjie Zhang (head of the department for 2003 to 2013), and Professor Tongbo Zhu (head of the department from 2014 to present) as well as the effort by all the faculty members, the Department of Immunology has developed into an important centre with combined expertise in teaching and research in immunology.

 The present faculty of the department has 10 active members including three professors, four associate professors and three lecturers that have been trained in most prestigious universities or research institutes around the world. Several faculty members have been granted “The Excellent Young Teacher of Sichuan University”.

The department offers the course Medical Immunology, which is required for Bachelor of Science degrees in all medical related majors. The department also offers Medical Immunology course for graduate degrees and international students. Quality courses, inquiry learning and non-standard answer examinations are being established. Multiple textbooks are published.

Present scientific researches in the department are funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China, Department of Science and Technology of  Sichuan Province and Sichuan University.

The Department of Immunology is capable of granting master’s and doctoral degrees in immunology. There are two master students and one doctoral student at the moment.

The Department of Immunology has a vital mission to train students to be proficient in immunology. The department will further strengthen the quality of the teaching and promote opportunities for cutting-edge research in immunology. Postdoctoral and faculty positions are open. For application and questions, please contact 028-85501606.