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Department of Microbiology

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1. General information

Department of Microbiology has been established for more than 60 years with a long-standing commitment to education and research, offering Ph.D., Master's and combined-degree programs for pathogenic biology. Medical Microbiology, one of the curriculums we are running, is a provincial and school-level Excellent Course. Historically, Professor Zhijing Lin, Professor Daoruo Wang, Professor Meiying Cai, Professor Mingsheng Zhou, Professor Zikang Zhang, Professor Wenxiang Jia had served as directors of Department of Microbiology successively. And now, the head of department is Professor Mingyuan Li. We have an outstanding leadership with titles including outstanding academic leader of Sichuan Province, committee members and vice Chairman of Chinese Society of Microbiology and Immunology channel, and Chinese Society of Virology of Chinese Medical Association.

2. Talents and teachers

Together with the contributions of all previous faculty and staff, we have made a great progress to present you a promising prospect of our department. There are  2 professors (a doctoral advisor and a master's supervisor), 2 associated professors and 4 lecturers in Department of Microbiology. Among them, 7 have Ph.D. degree, and 6 have experiences as visiting scholars to American top universities. Professor Mingyuan Li, our current Head of Department, also director of School Professor Committee, was honored twice as the Leader of Academics and Technologies of Sichuan Province.

3. Teaching work

We are responsible for many Microbiology related courses for undergraduate students, international students and graduate students in Sichuan University. There are 7 compulsory courses (including experimental courses) and 2 optional courses for undergraduates, 2 courses for international students, and 4 courses for postgraduates. We also have a reputation for textbooks writing as being the editor-in-chief of Medical Microbiology, the national-level textbook designed for 8-year program medical students, and of other textbooks of various publishers. These textbooks have provided useful elements for medical professional training.

4. Scientific study

Meanwhile, we attach great importance to research as well, trying to achieve a mutual promoting effect between research and teaching. So far, we have been in charge of research projects including National 863 Program project, National 973 Major Program sub-project, Natural Science Foundation of China project, and also projects of Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and Provincial Department of Science and Technology. Furthermore, we are sponsored (5 million RMB in total) by cooperating with social enterprises. We publish around 5 papers in SCI cited journals annually, and acquired numerous Provincial Awards of Scientific and Technological (PASTs) and State Authorized Invention Patents (SAIPs).

5. Talents training

We always apply ourselves to postgraduate education. Up to now, over 40 Ph.D. students and 60 Master students have graduated from Department of Microbiology. They have been devoting themselves to basic medical education widely across the country.

6. Outstanding scholars in urgent needed

In order to promote our teaching and scientific researching level, we would like to invite people who are the top experts in the world in related scientific researching field to join us and leading us heading to an even brighter future. If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to contact with Professor Mingyuan Li, Email address: We are looking forward to hear from you!