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Yuhua Zhao

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Yuhua Zhao, PhD



Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

West China School of Basic Medical Sciences and Forensic Medicine

Sichuan University


No. 17, Section 3 of South Renmin Road

Room 210, Yifu Building

Chengdu 610041, Sichuan Province


Phone number: 86-13709037270

Email Address:


Dr. Zhao’s laboratory focuses on the metabolic reprogramming and breast cancer. The ultimate goal of Dr. Zhao’s research is to translate the discovery in the laboratory into novel clinical therapeutics. The ongoing research projects include: 1) The role of glycolysis in the breast cancer metastasis and molecular mechanisms; and 2) the role of fatty acid synthesis in the breast cancer metastasis and targeted therapy. Dr. Zhao has published 30 papers and 2 book chapters. Representative publications have been appeared in Cancer Research, Oncogene, Nature Communications, Journal of Biological Chemistry, Cell Death and Diseases and Molecular Cancer Therapeutics.


Dr. Zhao is a member of Chinese Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and American Association for Cancer Research (AACR). She was an Outstanding Young Scholar by the US Chinese Anti-Cancer Association (USCACA) and the Asian Fund for Cancer Research (AFCR). She was a back-up of academic and technical leaders in Sichuan Province. She is a scientific reviewer for Scientific Reports, PLoS ONE, International Journal of Oncology, Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine, Oncology Reports, Oncology Letters, etc.


Education and Training

l  Postdoctoral Fellow, Mitchell Cancer Institute, University of South Alabama, Oncologic Sciences, 2007-2010

l  Visiting Scholar, University of Kentucky, Oncologic Sciences, 2006-2007

l  PhD, Sichuan University, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 2003

l  MS, West China University of Medical Sciences, Biochemistry, 1995

l  BS, West China University of Medical Sciences, Pharmacy, 1992


Area of Interest

Metabolism and Cancer, Non-coding RNA and Cancer, Cancer Metastasis & Therapeutic Resistance


Selected Publications:

1.    Zhou L, Jiang S, Fu Q, Smith K, Tu K, Li H, Zhao Y. FASN, ErbB2-

mediated glycolysis is required for breast cancer cell migration. Oncol Rep 2016, 35(5): 2715-22.

2.    Jiang S, Tu K, Fu Q, Schmitt DC, Zhou L, Lu N, Zhao Y. Multifaceted roles of HSF1 in cancer. Tumor Biol 2015, 36(7): 4923-31.

3.    Butler EBZhao Y, Muñoz-Pinedo C, Lu J, Tan M. Stalling the engine of resistance: targeting cancer metabolism to overcome therapeutic resistance. Cancer Res, 2013, 73(9): 2709-17.

4.    Ding Y, Liu Z, Desai S, Zhao Y, Liu H, Pannell LK, Yi H, Wright ER, Owen LB, Dean-Colomb W, Fodstad O, Lu J, LeDoux SP, Wilson GL, Tan M. Receptor tyrosine kinase ErbB2 translocates into mitochondria and regulates cellular metabolism. Nat Commun, 2012, 3: 1271.

5.    Zhao Y, Butler EB, Tan M. Targeting cellular metabolism to improve cancer therapeutics. Cell Death Dis, 20134e: 532

6.    Zhao Y, Liu H, Liu Z, Ding Y, LeDoux SP, Wilson GL, Voellmy R, Lin Y, Lin W, Nahta R, Liu B, Fodstad O, Chen J, Wu Y, Price JE, and Tan M. Overcoming trastuzumab resistance in breast cancer by targeting dysregulated glucose metabolism. Cancer Res, 2011, 71(13); 4585-97.

7.    Liu H, Tekle C, Chen YW, Kristian A , Zhao YH, Zhou M, Liu ZX, Ding Y, Wang B, Mælandsmo GM, Fodstad O, Tan M. B7-H3 silencing increases paclitaxel sensitivity by abrogating Jak2/Stat3 phosphorylation. Mol Cancer Ther, 2011, 10(6):960-71.

8.    Zhao Y, Liu H, Riker AI, Fodstad O, Ledoux SP, Wilson GL, Tan M. Emerging metabolic targets in cancer therapy. Front Biosci, 2011, 16:1844-1860.

9.    Zhao YH, Zhou M, Liu H, Ding Y, Khong HT, Yu D, Fodstad O, Tan M. Upregulation of lactate dehydrogenase A by ErbB2 through heat shock factor 1 promotes breast cancer cell glycolysis and growth.   Oncogene, 2009, 28(42): 3689-3701.

10. Zhou M*, Zhao Y*,  Ding Y*, Liu H, Liu Z, Fodstad O, Riker AI, Kamarajugadda S, Lu J, Owen LB, Ledoux SP, Tan M. Inhibition of lactate dehydrogenase-A re-sensitizes Taxol-resistant cancer cells to Taxol. Mol Cancer, 2010, 9(1):33. (*co-1st authors)

11. Zhou M, Liu Z, Zhao Y, Ding Y, Liu H, Xi Y, Xiong W, Li G, Lu J, Fodstad O,  Riker AI, Tan M. MicroRNA-125b confers the resistance of breast cancer cells to paclitaxel through suppression of pro-apoptotic BCL-2 antagonist killer 1 (BAK1) expression. J Biol Chem, 2010, 285(28):21496-21507.

12. Zhao Y, Weng CC, Tong M, Wei J, Tai HH. Restoration of leukotriene B(4)-12-hydroxydehydrogenase/15-oxo-prostaglandin 13-reductase (LTBDH/PGR) expression inhibits lung cancer growth in vitro and in vivo. Lung Cancer. 2010, 68(2): 161-169