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West China School of Basic Medical Sciences and Forensic Medicineoriginated from related disciplines of West ChinaUnion University. West ChinaUnion University is a comprehensive universityestablished in 1905which imitates the system of Oxford University in the United Kingdom. West China School of Basic Medical Sciences and Forensic Medicinewere merged in July 2001, and their predecessors were the School of Basic Medical Sciences founded in 1987and the School of Forensic Medicinefounded in 1999 respectively.

A group of excellent talents from West China School of Basic Medical Sciences and Forensic Medicinehave made important contributions to the revolution and construction of China. Professor Liu Chengzhao, the former president of West China University and the former dean of Sichuan Medical College, is one of the outstanding representatives. Professor Liu Chengzhao is also one of the main founders ofHerpetology in China. As a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, he used to be representatives of the first, second and third National People's Congress, have made major contributions to the development of medical education in our country.

Our school is the first national scientific research and talents training base. Basic medicine and forensic science of our schoolare characteristic specialty of the Ministry of Education and the study of forensic sciences ranked first in China. Additionally, our schoolhas a number of national experimental teaching demonstration centers, national teaching teams and national exquisite courses. We undertook basic course teachingof all medical disciplines such as stomatology, clinical medicine, preventive medicine and pharmacy in Sichuan University.Based on our excellent teaching quality, we have won dozens of national and provincial teaching achievementawards.

Our school currently employs 202 people, including 103 senior scientists, brought together a group of chief scientists of the National Major Scientific Research Project (973 Program), the Yangtze River scholar Professors, winners of National Outstanding Youth Science Foundation. There are also 5 special government allowances experts of the State Council, 10 academic and technical leaders, and 11 outstanding experts who have made significant contributions in Sichuan Province.

In recent years, the school has made a number of original achievements in the fields of stress medicine, such as cell stress, DNA damage repair, neurodegenerative diseases, pathogen infection and the regulation of redox signals, and pharmacokinetics of anesthetics. In addition, we have made extraordinary breakthrough in fields of forensic evidence identification technology. Relevant achievements have been published in internationally renowned academic journals such as Nat Genet, Nat Med, Cell Metab, Cell Host Microbe, PNAS and Ann. Neurol, which laid a solid foundation for the construction of first-class universities and first-class disciplines in the world.

In order to actively promote the strategic deployment of "Double-First-Class" universities, in line with the strategic goal of spurting to the forefront of the world and building a top-notch institution and promoting the development of the discipline of specialty medicine under the guidance of stress medicine, we hereby sincerely invite talents both domestic and abroad gather together to create a new chapter of West China School of Basic Medical Sciences and Forensic Medicine.


Recruitment Conditions

1. Leading Talents: Academicians, Thousand Talents Program Scholars, The Yangtze River Scholars, National Youth Scholars;

2. Top Talents: Young Thousand Talents Program Scholars, Young Yangtze River scholars, national excellent young people or a considerable number of talents;

3. Young Talents: PhD and postdoctoral in domestic and foreign elite universities, research institutes;


Requirements and Benefits

1. Leading Talents

Professors or corresponding positions in the domestic and foreign high-level universities, research institutes; experts with important academic influence in the corresponding field; academic directors with international academic influence and good organizing ability of academic team. Salary negotiable.

2. Top Talents (Distinguished Fellow)

In principle, no more than 45 years of age, outstanding PhD graduates or postdoctoral in well-known domestic and foreign universities, with good developing potential. Salary 400,000-600,000 RMB / year and 3-5 million RMB research funding, strong support for the declaration of various talent programs of the state and Sichuan Province. We also provide security subsidies, housing money subsidies and help to solve other related problems.

 3. Distinguished Associate Professor

No more than 35 years of age, outstanding Ph.D in well-known domestic and foreign universities with great developing potential. Salary 200,000-350,000 RMB / year and 0.5-1.5 million RMB research funding, strong support for the declaration of various talent programs of the state and Sichuan Province. We also provide security subsidies, housing money subsidies and to solve other related problems.

 4. Full-time post doctorate

No more than 35 years of age, the post-doctoral have the same academic treatment and professional title promotion during the employment period; the school offers an agreement salary of 150,000 to 200,000 RMB / year and establish competitive "Sichuan University full-time postdoctoral research fund" (80,000 RMB -200,000 RMB ); housing is provided to post-doctoral fellows in line with school-related policies.


Application Process

Candidates please send your resume (including basic personal information, study and work experience, major academic achievements, commitment to scientific research projects, published articles directory, patents and awards, etc.) to the recruitment email:


Contact Information

Contact: Sheng Li

Tel: 86-028-85503085     86-13880943058