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Li Changlong、Secretary of CCP committee

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Li Changlong, Ph. D. supervisor, was born in December 17, 1964.
1980 - 1985: Department of medicine, West China Medical university. 1985 -1988: Master of Biomedical Engineering, School of Basic Medical Sciences, West China University of medical sciences. 1989, -1997: Assistant Professor and lecturer of Biochemistry Department, School of Basic Medical Sciences, West China University of medical sciences. By the end of 1997 -2003 years: the French University of Paris 7 (Universite Paris 7), Department of Biochemistry (French Cancer Association Scholarship), the mechanism and function of protein in Nephroblastoma in myeloid related virus induced nephroblastoma overexpression; during the study method as the fifteenth, sixteen National Student Federation China law scholars the chairman and concurrently chairman of the Federation of Paris China scholars and students. 2004 -2007: University of Washington (University
Of Washington (chromatin) Postdoctoral Fellow of the medical school of Medicine
(insulator) cHS4 improves transgene expression and reduces genotoxicity of retroviral vectors. Successively in domestic and foreign periodicals, such as: J, Clin, Pathol: Mol, Patho, JBC, Virology, Cytognet, Genome, Res., Cell, Communication, and, Signaling,, Journal, of
Cellular, Biochemistry, Gene, Therapy published more than 30 papers, members of the American Society for gene therapy, magazines, Cell, Communication, and
Member of the editorial board of Signaling.