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Liang weibo、Associate Dean

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Liang Weibo, male, born in 1978, Communist Party members, associate professor, supervisor of postgraduate from Sichuan University in 2001, bachelor degree in forensic science, forensic science doctorate from Sichuan University in 2006, 2007 has taught at the Sichuan University Huaxi School of basic and forensic medicine research in Germany, 2012-2013 School of medicine of University of Cologne as a visiting scholar. Mainly in the field of forensic genetics, medical genetics and other research work, the main research direction for the application of human population genetic polymorphism in the forensic field, by molecular biology techniques that research on the time of death, the estimation of spot source of human body fluids, application of new genetic markers in forensic science, the direction of genetic polymorphism study on the correlation between disease and etc.. Three National Natural Science Foundation of China and one project supported by the science and technology support department of Sichuan provincial science and technology department have been obtained. Research results have been published in the field of top journals Forensic, Science, International:, Genetics, International, Journal, of, Legal, Medicine and other magazines. So far, 26 papers have been published on SCI. Get a patent.